Welcome to our Blog: A Blog about Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

profunditea photographyHello we would like to welcome you to our new Blog page. This page will serve as an informative and inspirational page for all of our wonderful patients and audience alike. It is inspired by your curious minds. Here you can read about Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Frequently Asked Questions will be displayed here and my Tips and Recommendations on how you can take part to improve your own health and lives.

I too was a health success story after receiving acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. After graduating from CU Boulder, I met a friend Kelly-who was studying Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and she introduced me to my very first Acupuncture treatment. I was skeptical like most people, but this was because I didn't know anything about it. During my first treatment with Kelly, I felt a tingling sensation that started as soon as she inserted the first needle and I could feel this sensation shooting down my leg all the way to my third toe! I remember asking her what that sensation was? She just giggled and said it was "Qi." Then I asked what is Qi? She explained in the best possible way- "it is the life force and universal energy that flows through the earth, humans, plants and animals, it's even in the stones." At this moment I knew that I wanted to learn more about this ancient medicine.

Like I said before, I didn't think that this would help heal my irritable bowel syndrome but after 2 months of continuous weekly treatments and religiously taking my Chinese herbs, it worked! Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine healed my gut! How could a tiny filament stainless steel needle aid in my recovery? How could roots, bark, and leaves improve my gut? I was AWESTRUCK and so began my journey toward helping the rest of you achieve optimum health and wellness.